What to pack in your child's nursery bag

What to Pack in Your Child’s Nursery Bag

When preparing your child for nursery, it’s always handy to know exactly what to put in a nursery bag. 

If you’re feeling unsure about what you need to pack for your little one, here are some things you might want to include in your child’s nursery bag to see them through the day.


  • Spare Clothes

Spare clothes are essential whilst your child is at nursery, as there can be plenty of ‘messy’ play. 

Having a spare pair of trousers or a top will make it easier when accidents (inevitably) happen and will ensure your child can go back to playing as quickly as possible.

Of course, you do not have to pack a whole wardrobe, but we would recommend at least one pair of trousers, a vest or top and some socks. 

Don’t forget to ensure that all items of clothes are labelled with your child’s name so that they don’t get misplaced! 


  • Outdoor Clothes & Supplies

On the topic of clothes, there are a few things you’ll need to remember to pack so that your child can go outside and play. 

At Maryam’s, it’s important that we keep your child safe from the weather during our outdoor adventures, so here are some things you should keep in mind.

For the winter months, pack a warm (ideally waterproof and hooded) coat, hat, gloves and scarf.  We also advise bringing weather-appropriate outdoor shoes, such as wellies for rainy days. 

For summer, you might want to pack some sun cream, a hat and sunglasses to protect your child from the sun.


  • Comfort Toy

This is a must-have for all children, but especially if your child is struggling to settle in. 

If you are unsure about what this is, a comfort toy is any object that is used to comfort or soothe your child when they are feeling unsettled or anxious. It can be anything from a teddy bear to a blanket and is a very common thing for children as young as 6 months old to go through.

At Maryam’s, we have a great settling in procedure, but a comfort toy can really help the process.

Toddler with soft toy


  • Nappies or Extra Underwear

If your child is toilet training, some nurseries might need you to provide your own nappies and nappy cream. At Maryam’s, we are happy to support any toilet training needs.

If your child is no longer using nappies, then some extra changes of underwear or clothing is always a good idea in case an accident does happen whilst at nursery.


  • Snacks or Meals

Some nurseries might also need you to bring your own snacks or packed lunches. 

At Maryam’s, we provide organic meals for each mealtime as well as snacks for during and after nursery, as we know that prepping for meals can take a lot of time. 

However, it is worth checking with your own nursery what is offered. If your child suffers from allergies or has a special diet, you might need to or want to provide your own food even if your nursery serves meals.


  • Sleeping Gear

If your child is going to have a nap during the day, it might be helpful to pack some sleeping gear. This could be a comfy change of clothes or a blanket to help them rest easy. 

Your child may also feel more comfortable wearing slippers at nursery if they are used to wearing slippers when indoors at home. To avoid any accidents when moving around, however, we advise slippers with a rubber sole.


  • Medicine

If your child takes any medicine, then it is crucial to speak to the nursery staff first.

Be sure to pack all medicine required and make sure that the nursery staff know all the details. To be extra certain, write the same instructions down on a label and attach it securely to the medicine. 

For more information on our medicine and pain relief policy, you can get in touch with one of our staff here.


Maryam’s Nursery

Here at Maryam’s, we know that everyone is human and might forget something from time to time.

We are dedicated to doing everything we can to support your child, which is why we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure your child has everything they need at nursery.

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