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What To Look For When Choosing A Nursery


Wondering how to choose a nursery for your little one? It might be difficult to know exactly what to look for when choosing a nursery, but we’ve broken down all the questions you should be asking yourself so that you can find the best environment for your child. The right nursery is out there – you just need to make sure that you do your research, first.


Our checklist for choosing a nursery

By following this checklist when visiting prospective nurseries, you’ll soon be able to make an informed decision as to which is the right childcare provider for your child.


  • Is it in a suitable area?

Before you even begin looking into the finer details of the nursery, it is important to be realistic and consider the location of the nursery.

To do so, think about your daily routine. Would it be easier to pick a nursery nearer to your workplace to make drop off and pickups more convenient? Or, should your nursery be as local as possible?

On top of this, you’ll need to ensure that the nursery is open at times that match your schedule.


  • Have you heard positive feedback from other parents?

One of the best ways to really find out whether a nursery is right for you and your family is to hear the experiences of other parents. This might be through online reviews or word of mouth.

You’ll want to hear their positive experiences, and find out if they had any negative experiences too. If they did, ask about how the nursery dealt with them – did they take on feedback and find solutions to problems?


  • Does the nursery have a well-established history?

You can be sure that nurseries with an established history have a lot of experience. They are more likely to know the ins and outs of running a nursery, including all regulations and procedures to keep your child safe.

Maryam’s is a family-run nursery with over a decade of experience. Read more about our family story here


  • Do you like the nursery interior?

The interior of a nursery can have a direct impact on the atmosphere. It should be bright and well decorated, full of colour and have a homely feel. Usually the more unique it is, the more exciting your child will find it.

It should also be clean and filled with equipment, as well as include an outdoor play area too.

You won’t find a more unique setting than Maryam’s nursery. Our rooms are stimulating and also eco-friendly! You’ll find images of the nursery on our homepage.


  • Is the nursery safe and secure for your child?

The safety of your child comes first and can be a big worry for parents leaving their children in childcare for the first time.

The most important safety aspect is the entry system. If the nursery is on a main road, is there fencing and childproof gates? Could a child leave the nursery with ease?

Is there also a strict signing in-and-out system? Are all of the staff DBS checked? Make sure to do your research, as all nurseries will have their own safety procedures.


  • Are the staff both welcoming and helpful?

Not only should the staff be checked and qualified, but they should be warm and welcoming towards you and your child. They should be helpful with any questions and queries you may have, and go above and beyond to assist you.

If the staff make you feel comfortable and put your child at ease in their new environment, then this is a very promising sign. 


  • Are the meal options right for your child?

If your child is going to be having meal times at nursery, then knowing the meal plan is going to be important. Meals should be varied with different options, and, crucially, nutritional. 

It is worth doing some research into whether the food is fresh and prepared daily. Also, does your child have a special diet and can the nursery cater for it? Is the nursery equipped to prepare dishes that cater for allergies?

At Maryam’s, we have an organic and nutritional menu available for your children. Learn more about it here.


  • What does a typical day look like?

As a parent or guardian, knowing what your child is going to be up to when you’re not there is extremely important. You’ll want to know what activities your child will be doing during a typical day, including whether they will be leaving the nursery to have some exciting days out. 

You also might want to ask about the EYFS curriculum, and how your nursery will support your child’s education in Early Years.

You can learn more about a typical day at Maryam’s here.


  • Can the nursery cater to specific needs?

Whether your child needs to take medication or is SEND, your nursery should be able to cater to your child’s specific needs. You’ll want to find out the precise procedures with medication, and also whether staff are trained to look after SEND children.

At Maryam’s we recognise that every child has different requirements and needs, so we take special care to tailor our approach for our little ones.


  • Does it feel right?

Lastly, does the nursery feel right? Sometimes, choosing the right nursery can just come down to a gut feeling. If you can really see your child somewhere and everything feels right, then it’s likely you’ve found your perfect match! 

That being said, it is important to make sure all of the above is considered, especially with questions regarding safety and your child’s needs.


Get started at Maryam’s Nursery

At Maryam’s Nursery, we understand that choosing the right nursery for your little one can be a difficult time. That’s why we tailor the process to meet you and your child’s needs. 

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