Nursery tour of the playroom facilities at Maryam's

7 Things To Expect When Attending a Nursery Tour

If you’re currently looking for a nursery for your little one, you might be feeling a hint of excitement along with a barrel of stress. Naturally, every parent wants to find the perfect nursery for their child.

So, to make the nursery hunt a pleasant experience for both you and your child, we offer private nursery tours. After all, there’s nothing more comforting than seeing firsthand where your child will be spending their early years.

Here’s everything you can expect when attending a nursery tour at Maryam’s.


  • Explore our nursery facilities

Nursery tour of the playroom facilities at Maryam's

One of the first things you’ll be keen to explore on your nursery tour are the facilities themselves. From the welcome area to the different rooms and play areas, you will discover absolutely everything our nursery has to offer.

Not only will you observe our variety of rooms and areas, but you will also get to see our eco-conscious, child friendly and positive interior design in person.

So much thought has gone into creating an environment in which your child can thrive in, so we are certain that you and your child will love exploring our facilities.


  • Observe a typical day

Not only will you get to see the facilities, but you will also get to see the nursery in full swing. With transparency in mind, our nursery tours run during opening hours, so you get a true idea of how we function on a typical day.

This means you might stumble upon our child-initiated play time, or perhaps you will get to see an educational class in action.


  • Let your child dive in

Two girls playing together at nursery tour

Observing a typical day will help you picture your child at our nursery, but why not bring your child along so you don’t have to imagine?

It can be useful to see how your child responds to a nursery environment, especially if they have not seen one before.

Involving your little one in the nursery process can help ease them into the transition, as – for many children – nursery is the first time they experience being away from their parents or carers for a period of time. It is particularly important for toddlers who suffer with separation anxiety.

We welcome your little one to interact with other children, and dive right in! We have no doubts that they’ll feel right at home at Maryam’s nursery.


  • Meet our friendly nursery staff

For a lot of parents and guardians, a daunting part of the nursery process is leaving your little one in someone else’s hands.

That’s why we always make sure to introduce you to all of our nursery staff, from our nursery managers to our room leaders, and even our in-house chef.

Every member of staff has undergone rigorous background checks and partakes in continuous training to provide the highest standard of childcare. So, let’s just say that your child is in very safe, caring hands!


  • Ask plenty of questions

Children putting their hand up to ask question at nursery

During your nursery tour, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you would like.

Again, we understand that it can be a stressful time choosing a nursery for your child, so we are very happy to answer any questions at any point in the tour to put your mind at ease.

Upon meeting our nursery staff around the facilities, you are very welcome to ask specific questions to them if they are available. 


  • Discuss your child’s individual needs

As you are getting to know us during your nursery tour, we are also very keen to get to know you and your little one, too!

The tour is an excellent time to discuss your child’s individual needs with us. This way, we can inform you of our nursery procedures, and assure you that we have the appropriate environment for your little one to thrive.


  • Learn about our nursery fees

Nursery tour of the welcome area at Maryam's

Finally, during your nursery tour you can learn more about our nursery fees, as well as our admissions process if you’re ready to choose Maryam’s for your little one!


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