Children in nursery what age should a child go to nursery

What Age Should A Child Go To Nursery?

The big question “when can my child start nursery?” might have been on your mind before your little one was even born.

At the end of the day, the childcare process is different for every family. It all comes down to what is best for you and your child.

So, what age should a child go to nursery? Here’s some guidance to help you make your own decision when it comes to this difficult topic.


What age should a child go to nursery?

Nursery teacher helping 2-3 year old

Generally, the majority of children start nursery between the age of 2 and 3. This is to help their learning progress before they begin school.

Children can start their first year of school (reception) if they are over 4 years old in September when the school year usually begins, however you can wait until they are 5 if you feel this would benefit them.

With that being said, your child can start nursery at any age. However, whether they should go to nursery is down to many factors, including their needs, your needs as a carer and the nursery in question.


Should Your Child Start Nursery?


Consider Your child’s needs

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Firstly, every child is different. A lot of children develop separation anxiety between 10-18 months, however it can generally occur anywhere between 6 months to 3 years. If your child really struggles with this, then it might be best to ease them into daycare by having a relative take care of them first, to help them get used to being apart from you.

Additionally, every child develops at different rates. So, you can ask yourself questions, such as:



At the end of the day, you know your child best.  Whilst you’ll want to help them push boundaries to aid their development, you do not want to push your child to do things they simply aren’t ready for just yet.


Consider Your Own situation

Child jumping on sofa with parent trying to work

As a parent or carer, your personal situation should strongly dictate your decision. As much as you need to look after your child’s wellbeing, you also need to look after yours.

In terms of going back to work, it completely varies from parent to parent. Some mothers take their full maternity leave, others go back to work after a few weeks. This really depends on your personal circumstances.

Therefore, if you need to go back to work when your baby is younger than 3 – which is very common – then a nursery might be your best option, aside from leaving them with relatives.

Not only this, but you will need to consider funding for nurseries. Children over 3 are eligible for funding for nursery, and you can find out more about childcare funding on the Gov website.


Nursery Admissions

Interior of Maryam's nursery London

The nursery you are thinking of sending your child to might also dictate what age you send them at. Whilst a lot of nurseries do accept babies and young toddlers, this is something that you will need to check with each of your choices.

Nurseries generally take admissions at set times during the year. Others might have long waiting lists, so if you have a desired nursery in mind, you might have to hang on longer.

Or, it just might take a while to find a nursery that is best for your child, and that’s okay!

We recommend attending open days and finding out as much information as you can to get your child into a nursery that is going to fulfil their needs.

Read our guide on what to look for in a nursery for more information.


Admissions to Maryam’s Nursery

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