Woman with 5 children on sofa - The Benefits of Childcare for toddlers

The Benefits of Childcare for You & Your Toddler

Whether you are a family of one, two or even no working parents, every parent needs support at one point or another. No matter what you need support for, childcare is a realistic solution and offers long-lasting benefits. However, many parents feel guilty for wanting to put their toddlers in childcare, when, actually, childcare is great for your children! 

Childcare is a hugely positive experience. Here are just some of the benefits of childcare for toddlers and of course, for you as well. 


Safe and secure environment

It is completely understandable to be a little wary when it comes to leaving your child with other people. However, feel rest assured that all forms of registered childcare providers are approved by either Ofsted or a childminding agency.

In addition, there are strict rules in place when it comes to the safety of your children. All staff members will have been DBS checked and there will always be a first-aid trained staff member on-site at all times. Therefore, your child will always be in safe hands.

If you still have worries about the safety of your child, then always get in touch. Ask as many questions as you like, as this will put your mind at ease. 


Learn and develop

Your little one will also be in the best environment for their learning and development, as children learn best when they are having fun. All nurseries and pre-schools follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, so they will learn and develop the essential skills that are needed for starting school.

Aside from the curriculum, childcare, in general, gives your child a new environment to experience. As they make friends, they will develop key social skills. 

Toddlers also become more and more self-aware with each day and letting them become exposed to the world around them will only catalyse their learning and development. In essence, toddlers who are used to childcare tend to find the transition to school much easier than those who aren’t.


Make friends and learn social skills

Young friendships are all important and one of the most exciting parts of attending childcare. Not only will this mean your child can have play dates and make a friend for life, but it will also mean they develop healthy social skills in a supervised environment. 

This includes important communication and emotional skills, such as empathy and compassion. These traits have long-term positive implications.

This can also be a good thing for you as a parent, as you’ll likely make new friends yourself through other parents! It’s a great bonding experience all around.

If you’re even a little bit worried about your child making friends at nursery, don’t fret! You can read our previous blog post about how to help them make friends here

Toddlers playing together


Structure and routine

If you are looking after your child full-time, your days right now might be a little all over the place. However, childcare can provide you and your child with the structured routines that you might be missing.

Allowing your child to experience a daily routine is a great experience for when they begin school, as they will get into good habits. This can be waking up at the same time each day, stopping in the park on the way home and knowing when to sit down for mealtimes. 

Additionally, it can be nice for you as a parent to have some form of structure to your day. Be it getting back to work, taking time to rest, catching up with housework or reconnecting with friends, childcare will help you get those all-important things on your to-do list done.


Builds immunity

This might sound silly, but you will probably notice your child catches a few bugs whilst attending childcare. However, this is actually a good thing, as it will help your child build immunity early on, rather than when they begin school. The last thing you want is to have them missing out on too much learning when they start reception!


Gives you support and time to yourself

At the end of the day, being a parent is a full-time job that requires a lot of time and effort. Sometimes, a bit of extra support goes a long way. Childcare can give you that all-important time to yourself that will help you relieve stress and make your day to day life so much more manageable. 

You might feel guilty spending time away from your child at first – this is completely normal. But just remember that you are actually making yourself a better parent by doing so. No child wants a stressed-out mum or dad! So make the most of that all-important me-time.


Childcare at Maryam’s Nursery

At Maryam’s, we are proud of providing top-quality childcare that will help you and your child. Our stimulating choice of activities means that your toddler will always be developing, be it intellectually, emotionally or socially. 

Find out more about our approach, or get in touch if you have any questions.