The story behind our family-run childcare services

When child psychologist Maryam came to the UK in the 1980’s, she struggled to find the dedicated and caring childcare she had been accustomed to back home. This inspired her to start a childcare facility in London that reflects her heritage: one where raising a child takes a village and everyone involved becomes family.

A few years before retiring, Maryam brought both of her daughters on board to pass it on to the next generation. Her daughter Azi took over in 2010 and still heads up the family-run nursery today.

We continue to live and breathe Maryam’s warmth, dedication, affection and care in everything we do. Guided by our family legacy, we’re driven to provide the exceptional childcare Maryam passed on to us.

And as is in her nature, Maryam still stops by regularly so you very well may meet her yourself one day!

“Family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”

Spotlight on Azi

Azi Alamani is owner and director of Maryam’s Nursery, and has worked in early years care for over 10 years. Having grown up amongst the children her mother cared for, Azi experienced Maryam’s passion and dedication first-hand.

After completing a degree she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Azi’s dedication and commitment to the children in our nursery is immeasurable.

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