A typical day at Maryam’s nursery

Every day at Maryam’s comes with a new and exciting itinerary. From play time to family meals and educational classes, you will be able to track your little one’s daily activities on our Famly app. For an idea of a typical day at our nursery, have a scroll. 


Morning drop-offs can be difficult, especially when your child is new to nursery. Your child will be greeted by their key carer with open arms every day so you can rest assured they’re in good hands. Following this, your little one will then enjoy a healthy breakfast just before starting their day. 

Child initiated play

We pride ourselves on providing your little one with fun development opportunities to foster their own unique learning path. From sensory rooms to construction areas, indoor gardening to climbing, reading areas and logic adventures, there is never a shortage of fun things to do.

Healthy meal time

The right nutrition is vital to raising a healthy and happy child. Our in-house chef prepares freshly cooked organic food at every mealtime and can cater to any dietary needs. We organise regular cooking classes to inspire children to learn about healthy eating habits, fresh ingredients and multicultural food. Learn more about our organic meal plans.

Tutor assisted education

As part of our unique teaching methods, we run tutor assisted educational classes to cover topics such as literacy, maths, music, cooking, and gardening. We also run extracurricular activities, such as French, sign language and yoga, just to name a few. Depending on your child’s needs, we run these classes in groups or individually. Learn more about our unique teaching method

 Lessons in self-care

We teach all of our children the importance of self-care, both mentally and physically. From washing their hands, brushing their teeth, carrying out toilet routines and ‘winding down’ sessions, our lessons in self-care enhance their confidence and independence.

Little girl learning something new

Outdoor adventures

Physical health is vital and we ensure our kids spend a large chunk of their day outdoors interacting with nature. From playing in local parks to exploring the nearby surroundings of Tower Bridge, we ensure they learn about the environment and community they are growing up in. We also organise monthly day trips that parents are welcome to join if they wish. Learn more about our outdoor activities. 

Sleep and relaxation

Regular sleep is essential to improve your child’s attention span, memory, learning abilities and their overall mental and physical health. Containing soft mats and sensory ceiling lights, our rooms are designed to easily convert into relaxing sleep areas. If your child no longer requires sleep during the day, there will be a dedicated area for them to play in.  

Little boy holding hands with his parents

Collection time

The end of the day means it’s collection time and your key carer will always be there to greet you and hand over your child. To make the journey home a pleasant one, we always treat your little one to a healthy snack bag.

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