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5 Cultural Diversity Activity Ideas for Toddlers

Children will naturally become curious about the differences they see in the people around them. It is your responsibility to teach them the correct values and celebrate cultural diversity with them. 

Let them ask questions, as this will help your little one make friends and interact respectfully with people from diverse cultures!


Cultural diversity values to teach your children

  • To recognise that there are a variety of different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs within society
  • To have respect for people’s differences, as everyone’s beliefs and culture are valid
  • To treat everyone equally no matter what their background is
  • To value culture, as it is an important part of the world


Cultural diversity activity ideas for toddlers

Since children learn best through play, here are some fun cultural diversity activity ideas that you can do at home with your toddler. These activities are a great way to teach your little one about the world around them and communicate the importance of cultural diversity.


  • Learn some greetings in different languages

One way that you can teach your little one about cultural diversity is to learn “hello” and “goodbye” in some different languages. This will be a fun challenge and help them learn how people speak differently depending on their background or where they are from.

You can also watch some videos of people speaking in different languages to show them how language works. This will be a great introduction to the joy of languages, and before long they will be saying hello in Spanish, English, French, Japanese and many other languages.


  • Cook and eat a classic dish from another country

Whether you intend to cook a multicultural dish or not, you can teach your child so much about cultural diversity with food! 

Getting your child involved in cooking can give you a chance to talk about where their food comes from. For example, you can tell them how their spaghetti bolognese is actually from Italy, their curry is from India or how their chilli con carne is from Texas, America (not Mexico, as some may think!). 

There is so much to learn when it comes to food and its origins – especially as we enjoy so many different cuisines here in the UK. Nothing will make your little ones appreciate and value different cultures like some delicious food from all over the world.

Family cooking multicultural dishes

  • Read children’s books about culture

Sometimes it can be tricky to explain cultural diversity in a way that your children can understand. So, why not practice their reading and go through a fun children’s book with them? 

There are so many books out there that promote the right messages and are inclusively illustrated, for example, The Skin You Live In by Michael Tyler, or Say Hello by Rachel Isadora

Books like these contain characters from diverse ethnicities and will give your children the chance to ask questions whilst they read and explore lots of different topics in an engaging way.  


  • Listen to multicultural music

One thing for sure is that toddlers love music! Try playing some upbeat songs from other cultures. This will expose them to new sounds they haven’t heard before and get them excited about learning about cultural diversity.

If you’re feeling active, have a dance to some multicultural music together or even make up a fun dance routine.


  • Make some fun multicultural art

Art is so different around the world, so let your toddler get creative with some art from various cultures. 

One cultural art technique that is super easy for your toddler is aboriginal art. This comes from Indigenous Australian culture and involves creating patterns with dots. You can use a cotton bud and the end of a paintbrush to create some fun paintings. Lots of aboriginal artwork also involves insects or bugs, so you can even combine it with a mini biology lesson.

Other art ideas from different cultures include ​​dreamcatchers (American-Indian), origami (Japanese), or paper mache maracas (Caribbean and Latin). There’s a lot of fun to be had when it comes to multicultural art and crafts!

Origami boats


Culture and diversity at Maryam’s Nursery

To find out more about our approach to cultural diversity and community, read about Maryam’s ethos here. We are committed to helping your little one build positive relationships and inspire belonging.