Policies & procedures

Since we are caring for very young children, we are naturally obligated to many rules, regulations and also a good deal
of legislation.

We take our responsibilities very seriously and in that regard, we have to be very clear to our parents and carers about the framework within which we operate.

If you choose Maryam’s, we will send you a full pack outlining this in more detail Some of the topics and policies covered in this agreement are:

• Hours of operation
• Registration details, including fees and deposits
• Start dates
• General Information on Fees, including late payments and government funding
• Attendance
• Information about the nursery, including collection times, use of buggies, and software
• Accidents and injury
• Health, illness and dietary requirements • Safeguarding your child
• And more

If you wish to review this pack in more detail, you can request a copy by getting in touch with us

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