Welcome to Maryam’s Nursery

We’re all raising the future together and through this shared experience we become family.

At Maryam’s, the importance of family is deeply rooted in everything we do. With over two decades of experience, we’re incredibly proud to offer you our bespoke approach to childcare.

We provide an environment in which your child can be as happy, relaxed and comfortable as they are at home. As soon as they come through our door and put on their Maryam’s socks, they know it’s time for another day of fun and learning.

Healthy and organic* nutrition is freshly prepared by our chef in Maryam’s kitchen every day.


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“Passion, support and nurture. Our values are at the heart of everything we do as we strive to pass on the dedication and warmth that Maryam passed on to her own children.”

Home away from home

Through our unique nurseries, we provide a place where your child is as happy, relaxed and comfortable as they are in your own home. The minute they step into our nursery, they know that putting on their Maryam’s socks means it’s time for another day of fun and learning. 

The Maryam’s Ethos

At Maryam’s, we have a unique teaching method that helps nurture your child from the very beginning.

It is rooted in our Maryam’s ‘tree of life’ that welcomes & shelters us beneath its boughs, bearing fruit to sustain us. It is home to a vibrant community of creatures. It grows & flourishes, connecting us to our roots. It is our family tree.


With the help of Dr Elenor Kitto and Dr Helen Bradford, we’ve developed our own method of teaching at Maryam’s nursery. Our unique teaching method is centred around developing and growing together as a family.

Through our community-based activities, we encourage children to learn about the world around them through active feeling, touching, exploring and imitating.

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Our Story

When former child psychologist Maryam emigrated in the 1980’s, she struggled to find dedicated care for her kids. This inspired her to start a childcare service that reflected her own heritage: one where raising a child takes a village and everyone involved becomes family.

She passed it onto the next generation when both daughters joined the team. Still a family-run nursery today, we’re driven by providing exceptional childcare and guided by our family legacy.

Family Story

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